If Tarifa is your home,
Tarifa needs you



If you have in mind to register, you’ll no longer be an invisible citizen. You’ll enjoy many benefits and advantages and we guarantee you to be able to improve public works and services counting on you.


More and better services municipal public.


Better situation management of need and social exclusion of tarifeña citizenship.


More money for Tarifa, funding increases by the state.

How to register?

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What is the municipal census?

The municipal register is the administrative register where the residents of a municipality are registered in order to know the people who reside in the city and who have their usual place of residence there.

Registration is essential for administrations to plan and quantify the services, resources and infrastructures they offer to citizens.
The Spanish Government takes as a reference the figures of the register for decisions that affect the financing and competence of the municipalities, so that the gaps prevent correctly sizing the needs of these municipalities.


Let yourself be seen
before January 01!

Together we can make Tarifa better.

In order to be eligible for European aid from 2023 and to improve public works and services, as well as regional subsidies for the renovation of buildings, residents will have to be on the register before 1 January, for which registration procedures will be facilitated

Why register in Tarifa?

Being registered benefits you and also the whole city. There are numerous benefits that this entails, improving the services that can be offered to all Tarifa residents.

Easy and Free
Leave us your data and we will help you with the management.

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Jorge Benítez
Presidente de ADECA

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